Why We Grow?

Progress in the not-for-profit (NFP) arena is made best through collaboration and partnership development. NFPs are constantly faced with budgetary, resource, information and volunteer limitations. Much of work is geared towards project/program development and is dependent on grant funds and charitable donations. Most are ill-equipped with manpower, expertise, and time to improve operational infrastructure. UGW is no different in terms of our needs but our approach to meeting those needs is what separates us from most. 

We are constantly self-analyzing and adapting to the ever changing rules, environment, and community with the goal of staying ahead of the curve in regards to how our work pertains to the health, social, and environmental impact on communities we serve.

To this end, UGW has been fortunate to align itself with partners and collaborators who share similar visions of how to approach and address the socio-economic issues that affect those we serve.

School Garden Sites 

  • NorthWestern Senior High School

  • Brownsville Middle School

  • Barry University

  • Holmes Elementary School