Growing Food Meetup

GreenThumb Series

10am-12 pm, 2nd Sunday of every month

This meet-up group is designed for the person looking for a nurtured re-introduction to gardening and their own roots. We look at the cultural appropriateness of gardening and our ancestral connections to it. As we delve into our cultural ancestry, we look at the basics that connect us all (seed, soil, sun, water ) and begin our work anew.

GreenThumb participants are taken through the basics of gardening with the goal of successfully managing their own personal garden spaces.

At Cerasee Farm, we utilize only organic and permaculture procedures, so all activities will be hands-on using non-mechanical tools, no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and reusing materials and resources which includes composting.

This meet-up is led by a Florida Master Gardener

Each meet up session is FREE to ALL. Small donations to the Farm are accepted.
Meet-ups start Sunday, April 7th at Cerasee Farm

Butterfly Gardening 101

10am-12pm 4th Sunday of every month

In 2018, UGW is collaborating with Bound By Beauty on several environmental initiatives aimed at strengthening our native butterfly populations, as well as supporting our local urban habitats and increasing resident education. Their Foster Garden Project is designed to protect both butterfly caterpillars, and their host plants by creating connections between local butterfly gardeners and corridors in between their gardens.

To this end, UGW will be offering butterfly gardening 101, a 12-month experience, to City of Miami residents. Is this meet-up group for you? If you like butterflies, if you care about your local wildlife and environment, if you are an avid gardener who wants to share knowledge, whatever your interest, this is your meet-up. 

Each meet up session is FREE to ALL. Small donations to the Farm are accepted.Meet-ups start Sunday, January 26th at Cerasee Farm

​Urban BeeKeeping 101


Combcutters' Beekeeping 101 course will cover topics ranging from the intricacies of bee society & threats they face, to trouble shooting the hive. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of what it takes to start and maintain their own healthy hive, as well as a growing fascination with, and respect for, the honeybee - well on their way to becoming a Beek (bee-geek)!

Cost for this course is $65. Snacks will be provided.

Fall 2018 & Spring 2019. Dates TBD.

S as in Sustainability

Kids Gardening - Chef Series starting in December


Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month starting in December, UGW will be offering after-school gardening sessions for youth ages 6-15, at our Cerasee Farm site, from 1-5 p.m. We will offer two, 2-hr sessions per day, open to the public.
Sessions will follow our growing season, starting with garden prep and ending with garden close-out. Students will get to plan, plant, & harvest produce from the farm.  They will learn how native plants, pollinators and food plants work together. They will even get to cook with local, guest (vegan) chefs; make medicine & teas; and other fun kid stuff. 

Only 15 students per session. Each session will cost $25 per child. Discounted rates available for neighborhood youth. Email us to commit a child. Kidding. Include the date & time(s), for the current month only, that you would like to sign your child up for.

*The Kids Gardening - Chef Series dates are scheduled to start mid-December 2019. Keep a look out for those dates here and on our social media, as those 15 slots tend to go fast. Prices for this leg of the course will vary.

Mandolina Simeon

Urban Farm Intern - Liberty City

Mandolina started with UGW as a volunteer in 2017. She just rode her scooter up to the farm and said "I would like to help". Soon she and her little sister were showing up every Saturday to volunteer and sometimes to just hang out in the shade and eat fruit. It so happened that Mandolina was very interested in the Environmental Sciences and wanted to pursue a future in the field. She was working with children at the time and wanted to connect that experience with her love of Nature.

This past Summer, Mandolina joined UGW as a intern. She worked exclusively on our "Hammocks in da Hood" campaign, helping to educate communities on the value of environmental responsibility and its relation to our health, as well as plant four native hammocks in under-resourced Miami-Dade County locales. 

Mandolina is a very intelligent and capable young woman, so we took it upon ourselves to find a place for her at UGW, where she can learn and develop skills necessary to help her achieve her many goals. This Fall, she will serve as the primary intern over our herb and medicinal garden at Cerasee Farm. She is currently taking courses in south Florida herbalism, urban bee-keeping, and eventually horticulture therapy. We, eventually, see her transitioning to manage then coordinating our school garden programs and after-school youth programs.

The Mustard Seed Project 

The Mustard Seed Project is a horticulture therapy and "farm-to-table" program at Agape house, a residential health-care facility for women coming out of prison with a history of substance abuse. Initiated in August, 2013, as a collaborative pilot program between UGW and The Soroptimist Society of Coral Gables; participants learn to build food and healing gardens, manage a shade-house/nursery, and develop new approaches to healthy eating and lifestyles by encouraging the growing and consumption of fresh foods, yoga, and outdoor movement. The overall goal is to help formerly incarcerated women lead productive lives through horticulture by teaching skill development and job training, as well as promoting improved health so they can nurture themselves, build self-esteem, find employment, re-unite with families and break the chain of addiction that keeps them going back to prison.

Agape residents are a cross-section of our Nation’s incarcerated women’s population; a majority who are in for drug use and prostitution (to support drug habits), and are being treated for mental illness and associated trauma from many years of substance abuse and physical and sexual violence. Their needs are magnified by their loss of family and a disconnection from any standard of supportive community. Gardening and the associated activities we provide help re-assemble the foundation of mental and physical health that so many women lose from years of self-destructive behavior.

The program has already had a positive impact on its first 9 participants. Under the tutelage of Program Director and Horticultural Therapist Maggie Pons, the women have transformed a lawn into a growing food forest of fruit and moringa trees, herbs and super food greens such as kale, arugula, and cranberry hibiscus. In their adjoining shade house, hundreds of plants grown from seed and cuttings are filling trays and pots that will either be planted in the garden or sold at their farm market, which the women run at the Coconut Grove Farmers Market. 

One woman expressed her experience by stating “ I look forward to each day so much: we get to be outside with nature and get our hands dirty. I use to hate going outside but now I love to with all the plants and flowers – so much life.  It gives me hope for the future.”

Mustard Seed hopes to reach over 40 women a year, and through a program curriculum we are developing for this population, expect it to evolve as a model for other women’s facilities in Florida and beyond. As one participant stated: “Its great to be part of something beautiful for a change.” At Agape, that beauty is just beginning.

Sign-up Now for the 10-Day Healthy YOU Challenge
OASIS 10-Day Healthy YOU Challenge

When: September 16-26, 2019

Where: Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall Social & Economic Institute
           5120 NW 24th Ave, 33142

Have you been thinking about changing up you diet but aren’t quite sure just how to do that?

Urban GreenWorks (UGW) has an option for you! In 2019, we are teaming up with PlantPure Communities in bringing the OASIS Jumpstart Program to south Florida. We are looking for 36 participants from local organizations active in addressing nutrition, health, and food security in our communities to pilot the program.

Click here to become a challenger!

Growing Food Meetup

GreenThumb Series -  Prepping for SoFL Growing Season

Meet-ups dates are Sunday, October 12th & 26th at Cerasee Farm: 9-11 am

Its that time of year again. Our GreenThumb meet-up group will begin again starting October 12th. We will look at transitioning your garden from Summer hybernation to Fall activation. This session will offer alternatives to all of your gardening needs.

At Cerasee Farm, we utilize only organic and permaculture procedures, so all activities will be hands-on using non-mechanical tools, no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and reusing materials and resources which includes composting.

This meet-up is led by a Florida Master Gardener

Meet -up session fees are $20 per person per class and goes towards maintaining the FARM.



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