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31 DAYS, 31 WAYS 
To Economic Growth & Stronger Communities

August 1 - Make a deposit in a black bank locally or online                                       
August 2 - Buy grocery items from a black food manufacturer                               
August 3 - Shop with a black bookstore or publisher                                                

August 4 - Buy from a black farmer or vintner                                                            
August 5 - Support a historically black college or university                                 
August 6 - Shop online with a black website                                                            
August 7 - Eat at a black owned restaurant                                                              
August 8 - Donate to a civil rights organization                                                        
August 9 - Call a black real estate broker                                                                 
August 10 - Contact a black doctor or dentist                                                           
August 11 - Visit a black hotel or casino                                                                    
August 12 - Support a black church or denomination                                             
August 13 - Get a quote from a black contractor                                                      
August 14 - Shop at a cooperative business                                                            

August 15 - Visit an African-American museum of library                                    
August 16 - Encourage supplier diversity by local, state, & federal officials
August 17 - See a play at a black theatre

August 18 - Support your black broadcaster or cable outlet
August 19 - Watch or rent black produced films

August 20 - Buy music by black producers
August 21 - Attend conference of a black organization 
August 22 - Subscribe to a black newspaper or magazine
August 23 - Use a black caterer or event planner
August 24 - Contribute to the "right" black political candidate
August 25 - Visit a black barber or beauty salon

August 26 - Buy black memorabilia or art
August 27 - Buy fashion from a black designer
August 28 - Visit a black retailer
August 29 - Invest with a black-managed, publicly-traded company
August 30 - Create a wholesale buying club
August 31 - Visit a black cultural event

Action Calendar courtesy of The Black Business Loop by way of the Mosaic Group. Visit them today to add your business, add your event, or to register for a conference.