OASIS 10-Day Healthy YOU Challenge


The 10-Day Healthy YOU Challenge

Have you been thinking about changing up you diet  but aren’t quite sure just how to do that?

Well, Urban GreenWorks (UGW) has an option for you! In 2019, we are teaming up with PlantPure Communities in bringing the OASIS Jumpstart Program to south Florida. We are looking for 36 participants from local organizations active in addressing nutrition, health, and food security in our communities.

What is this OASIS program, you ask!?

The OASIS Challenge is a FREE 2 U, 10-day health and nutrition program that requires participants to ONLY eat a whole food, plant-based diet. Two (2) meals - lunch & dinner - will be provided to participants during the 10-day challenge. Educational material/program elements advise what whole food, plant-based means. Bio-metric testing show immediate results & benefits of the program to individual health.

UGW has chosen this program as an extreme introduction to achieving a healthier lifestyle. That’s why it’s a challenge!  Participants have 10-Days to Sign-up. Once selected as a challenge participant, you will be emailed a program packet that must be completed and returned to UGW by TBD.

Sign-up NOW: The Challenge Starts: 2020

Congratulations on taking this exciting step towards improved health!

Thank You to All those that signed up, the Challenge is now closed to new applicants. We will inform all participants by Sept, 6th 2019.