How We Grow?

Our organization grows because we are constantly adapting our organizational approach to the ever changing dynamics of the populations we serve. When you peel back the layers of an Urban GreenWorks activity/program, you'll find principles of horticultural therapy, population health, urban forestry, permaculture, resiliency, sustainability, reformation and social justice. These principles are derived from the academic and experiential philosophies of our founders.

At UGW, our intent is to create best practice models directed at benefiting environmental and population health. We strive to provide communities with relevant information, direction and resources that empowers individuals toward social and economic improvement. Our projects/programs are designed to be easily replicated and adaptable to a diverse array of social settings.

We grow because we work holistically. We work at the the grassroots level (local government, community-based organizations, local businesses, and residents) where we can see the effects of our work, as we directly engage our community. What is community? Community is where you live, work, and play. Our programs are community specific, urban to rural.

We work regionally, consulting on similar issues we face here in south Florida as well as creating models of success and addressing policies at the State level. Nationally, we look to connect with others doing similar work so that a story can be woven together as we share our best practices and failures. Here we advocate for our work and garner support for future endeavors. Together we can learn and share information that benefits us regionally, locally, and individually.  

We work with our community in performing community needs assessments; we work within our community with others to address the needs of our community (Whole Measure for Community Food Systems); we look at the health (global) impact of our projects on our community; and we work to address the needs of marginalized (individuals within our) communities.

UGW offers a series of community workshops to qualified residents. These workshops are for residents ready to activate their own community impact. The goal is to educate, train, and empower residents with the resources to activate change within their community. We look at creating local political partnerships, grant-search protocol, developing community partnerships, and addressing other hurdles that individuals face when looking to creating change within their community. These workshops are also offered to community organizations at group rates.



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