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Urban GreenWorks, restoring the economic, physical and social health of under-served communities.

Our Week at a Glance

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Our Services

We GROW because we LISTEN to our COMMUNITY. We WORK with community members, collaboratively, to SHARE knowledge and resources, so that ALL may BENEFIT. 

Pop-up Farm Stand 

The Really Local CSA

Advisory Services

Edible Gardening, Guest Chef Series

Start Your Own CSA

Start Your Own Farmers Market

Start Your Own Urban Farm


Chef Specialty Gardens

Edible Home Gardens

Foodscapes & Food Forests

Native Ecoscapes

Pollinator Pathways & Butterfly Gardens

Therapeutic Gardens

Partner Offers

Rent-A-Hive (local pollination only)

Urban Beekeeping 101

Bee Girls

Butterfly Gardening 101

What's Going On?

UGW is currently in the process of upgrading it's website.

We willl begin hosting our monthly Panel Discussion Series in May 2020.

No other new content will be added until we relaunch in early May 2020. The site is still accessible for information seekers, as is our social media. We thank you ALL for you continued support.

Events & Workshops
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Virtual Panel Discussion

WHEN: May 13, 2020

WHERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ugw-virtual-panel-discussion-pt-1-macromicro-navigating-the-pandemic-tickets-104343752974 
TIME: 4:00pm to 5:30pm EST

A view of COVID-19's socal impact on networking, social distancing, and the future of our economic, urban, and food security systems, through the eyes of industry professionals.

mulberries_on tree.jpg

Mulberry Madness​

Urban Farm Sensory Exploration


Mulberry season is here and we need eager hands and hungry tummies to help us sort out the madness. Bring you little ones down for a fun-filled morning of romping through Cerasee Farm eating and collecting mulberries or maybe just watching butterflies, bees, and lizards do their thing. Whatever your reason, bring wet-wipes!

Saturdays, starting on March 23rd from 8am - 12pm

$3 per half pint when in season; $10 per lb


Design Your Own Workshop

Just like if you were designing a t-shirt for your organization or event. UGW is offering CBOs an opportunity for us to create a workshop or event specifically taylored for your organization and your clientele, based on our experiences and expertise.

So if you are interested in incorporating a new  (social, environmental, food security, or population health) aspect to your organizational mission, vision or just want to offer your customers and/or employees alternatives to a healthier, happier workplace without completely redefining what you already do so well, then send UGW an email and let us make your life easier.

Urban Farm Volunteer Day

Every Saturday from 8am-12pm

Old McDonald had an non-certified, organic farm that he worked day and nite to offer fresh fruits & veggies to all his neighbors, EIEIO! But being that he was...well... old he always needed some help to get things kicked off in the beginning of the season, EIEIO. With a turn soil here & a push mulch there, here a turn, there a push...well you get it! We can really use some energetic folks to come on down to Cerasee Farm and lend Ol' Mickey D a hand.

Click here and let us know you are coming!

Bee Girls

CombCutters offers innovative programs for the south Florida girls. Learning about bees and other pollinators in a hands-on way empowers young girls with confidence. It helps them to manage fears, insecurities, and stereotypes by providing them with tools to better understand and change their environment in positive ways while also addressing issues within their local food system.

Summer 2019. Dates will be announced.