For Kids!

For Kids is UGWs focus on developing educationally sustainable programming for youth. The foundation starts with the 5 senses and the exploration of those senses as they interact with their environment. Youth participants are encouraged to explore their environment with curiosity, diversity, and creativity. They are taught and encouraged to embrace their community and environment, and to advocate for beneficial changes that promote healthy lifestyles, communities, and environments. 

Theses climate pollinators become stewards of their communities spreading the word about events and changes that directly affect the short- and long-term health, social, economic, and environmental viability of their Communities.


Mulberry Madness​

Urban Farm Sensory Exploration


Mulberry season is here and we need eager hands and hungry tummies to help us sort out the madness. Bring you little ones down for a fun-filled morning of romping through Cerasee Farm eating and collecting mulberries or maybe just watching butterflies, bees, and lizards do their thing. Whatever your reason, bring wet-wipes!

Saturdays, starting on March 23rd from 8am - 12pm

$3 per half pint when in season; $10 per lb

 Books we recommend 

My Tata's Remedies / Los remedios de mi Tata

by Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford 


"This charming little book will introduce young readers to safe and effective natural remedies from the native traditions of the American Southwest. A good way to learn about the healing power of plants."—Andrew Weil, MD

Aaron has asked his grandfather Tata to teach him about the healing remedies he uses. Tata is a neighbor and family elder. People come to him all the time for his soothing solutions and for his compassionate touch and gentle wisdom. Tata knows how to use herbs, teas, and plants to help each one. His wife, Grandmother Nana, is there too, bringing delicious food and humor to help Tata's patients heal. An herbal remedies glossary at the end of the book includes useful information about each plant, plus botanically correct drawings.

 In Our Community 



Paulette Richards, affectionately called Ms. P, is a local hero in Liberty City. She is constantly fighting the good fight of inclusion and equity for residents, particularly youth, in her Community. Check the end of the video to the right for a glimpse of what she is doing!

The Climate Pollinators is a brain-child of Ms. P. They are a band of local Liberty City youth charged with making an impact of their Community through environmental awareness & education, coupled with action i.e, Climate & Me Art Contest, planting pollinator gardens, native hammocks, bay clean-ups, planting street trees, and the bee girls.

UGW believes in empowering children to be the voice of change. Ms. P strives to ensure that a podium is there from which to share that voice. So together, we are working to ensure that the Climate Pollinators are always busy doing great works in their Community.

 Upcoming For Kids. 

Bee Girls (CombCutters Collab)


CombCutters and UGW has teamed up to offer innovative programs for the youth of Liberty City. One such program, the BEE Girls, defines the relationship between bees, our pollinator gardens, and our edible farms. It is intended to help young girls confront fear and build confidence, through hands-on interaction with bees. Participants learn about the impact of bees (and other pollinators) on them as individuals, on our community, and our world.

These interactions can impact young girls in positive ways by building their confidence, as confronting the fear of bees and other insects can assist them with confronting personal fears and stereotypes in the future.

Girls leave the program equipped with the understanding that they can change their environment and food systems, for it is when individuals start to take part in their community that true community engagement occurs.



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