Events & Workshops

UGW offers a wide range of workshops and events focusing on creating healthier communities, environments, and populations. We work collaboratively with local government, community partners, and residents to address health and socio-economic disparities. The application of these resources are replicable, scaleable, and adaptable to any urban or rural community setting. Tools are designed to be culturally appropriate and user-friendly. If you don't see a program that match your interests, contact UGW and we will design something to suit you particular needs.


Kids Gardening with Chef Series

November 7th, 2018

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month starting November, UGW will be offering after-school gardening sessions for youth ages 6-15, at our Cerasee Farm site, from 1-4 p.m. We will offer two 2-hr sessions per day.
Sessions will follow our growing season, starting with garden prep and ending with garden close-out. Students will get to plan, plant, & harvest produce from the farm. They will even get to cook it with local, guest (vegan) chefs; make medicine & teas; and other fun kid stuff. 

Only 15 students per 2-hr session. Each 2-hr session will cost $30 per child. Discounted rates available for neighborhood youth. Email us to commit a child. Kidding. Include the date & time(s), for the current month only, that you would like to sign your child up for.

*The Kids Gardening - Chef Series dates are scheduled to start January 2019. Keep a look out for those dates here and on our social media, as those 15 slots tend to go fast. Prices for this leg of the course will vary.

​Edible Gardening 101 (GreenThumb)

This workshop is designed for the person looking for a nurtured re-introduction to gardening and their own roots. We look at the cultural appropriateness of gardening and our ancestral connections to it. As we delve into our cultural ancestry, we look at the basics that connect us all (seed, soil, sun, water ) and begin our work anew.

GreenThumb is offered in six, 2.5 hour sessions, plus three (3) additional 1-hour sessions are offered in season for FAQs. Participants are taken through the basics of gardening with the goal of successfully managing their own personal garden spaces.

At Cerasee Farm, we utilize only organic and permaculture procedures, so all activities will be hands-on using non-mechanical tools, no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and reusing materials and resources which includes composting.

We are accepting 13 participants, so sign up now, as spaces usually go fast. 

This class is thought by a Florida Master GardenerClick here to enroll!

Clear, level & grade te land!
Bring in lots of mulch & start garden design.

"How To Start A Community Garden​?"

Urban GreenWorks (UGW) staff have been creating community gardens for over 15 years. During this time, we have worked with numerous partners, CBOs, residents, local government and businesses with the primary goal of building and strengthening healthy, food secure communities.

"How to Start A Community Garden" wraps 15 years of best practices and core organizational beliefs into 27 hours (9, 3 hour sessions) of intensive yet community building fun. The intention of this workshop is to provide a tangible road map, with technical assistance directions, to guide you toward your goal of a sustainable community garden.

Participants are taken through the fundamentals of community gardening planning, design, and implementation. All participants will receive a workbook that includes a core set of documents as appendices; these are meant to be templates, easily adaptable for organizations and communities with different needs. We hope these resources will help communities lay a solid foundation from which to begin planning a thriving and sustainable community garden network.

At Cerasee Farm, we utilize only organic and permaculture procedures, so all activities will be hands-on using non-mechanical tools, no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and reusing materials and resources which includes composting.

This initial session for slated for late 2018, early 2019. Group size will be small, creating a more personal, hands-on experience.

Composting with the Worm Whisperer


Earthworms and other decomposers, such as millipedes, pill bugs and springtails, all play an important role in the cycle of life that we are all a part of. Worm Whisperer, Zaron Brown, comes to Cerasee Farm for a morning/afternoon of soiling around. He will be discussing the importance of composting, a natural process that converts organic biodegradable material into a dark, rich soil amendment, and the valuable role of earthworms and other decomposers. 

Click here for more information on composting with worms.


Design Your Own Workshop

Just like if you were designing a t-shirt for your organization or event. UGW is offering CBOs an opportunity for us to create a workshop or event specifically taylored for your organization and your clientele, based on our experiences and expertise.

So if you are interested in incorporating a new  (social, environmental, food security, or population health) aspect to your organizational mission, vision or just want to offer your customers and/or employees alternatives to a healthier, happier workplace without completely redefining what you already do so well, then send UGW an email and let us make your life easier.