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    Urban Collaborative Farming, Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, CSA, Community Kitchens, Community         
    Fridges, Restaurant Partnerships, Legislative Change, etc.
    Community Composting, Hammocks in Da Hood, Eco-Art Exhibits, Community Bird Watching
    Tours, etc.
    Participatory Budgeting, Community Health Education, Youth Development, Job
    Employment, Food Shares, etc.: Livitry

The UGW Impact Academy (UGW IA) central tenet is to incubate initiatives and projects that not only move us towards a more food secure city, region, planet, but also restore an overall sense of stewardship in ourselves, and to each other & the planet. Projects that reduce not only our carbon footprint but our overall negative impact on our lives, our communities, and the planet. Projects that improve the place of the young people, esp. the black male, in today's America, by providing life & professional skills building, educational guidance & leadership, mentorship, etc. Projects can range from Arts to Zed! 

The UGW IA fosters cross-community coalition-building by redefining our approach with a look towards a community's strengths verses its weaknesses/needs. By putting the power of the community back in the hands of its residents, we look to work together as a coalition aimed at accelerating and connecting the network of underutilized private and public (green) infrastructure opportunities in our communities. We start in Miami's District 5, (Liberty City & Brownsville). The idea being to create a Critical Mass, that can connect and represent OUR communities to the Greater City of Miami. 

The immediate objectives of the UGW IA are to improve the literacy, math, and nutrition competency and knowledge of young marginalized boys, especially those ages 12 and up. The IA looks to foster cross-community coalition-building by accelerating and connecting a network of underutilized private and public green infrastructure opportunities initially between Liberty City, Brownsville, and the City of Miami.


The program is designed to partner with other aligned non-profit entities focused on:


  • Civic Engagement & Education: In order to create viable solutions to the SDOH, we must engage residents, business owners, and local government through awareness of and education on the issues that are affecting the SDOH, within a community. Increased knowledge helps to create personal connections to the issues and thus many like minds working together to identify and address these issues.

  • Community Entrepreneurship: Create partnerships with local businesses and NFPs so as to increase the students real life skills that translate to economic success in the future. Real support for success i.e., financial literacy, business development, social media workshops, etc.

    • Provide local business owners with solutions that can help them to catalyze an underutilized infrastructure of kitchens and dining rooms to foster general entrepreneurship in the food system to catalyze a local food movement.

  • Skills Training: utilize combined resources and physical assets to provide youth and residents with a wide range of service, support, training, and educational services aimed at increasing community involvement, ownership, and development by the residents, for the residents. 

Continuity: Engage program collaborators and partners to implement their OWN strategies that promote youth development, community development, and economic growth.

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