OASIS 10-Day Healthy YOU Challenge


The 10-Day Healthy YOU Challenge

Urban GreenWorks (UGW), in collabortion with PlantPure Communities, EarthSave EcoCenter, Neighbors And Neighbors Association (NANA), VacuCraft, VegFund, Baba Living Earth Foods, Drigo the Culinary Alchemist, and Coalition Connection, has successfully completed the first ever JumpStart Challenge in south Florida!

Our initial goal was to find 36 participants from local organizations active in addressing nutrition, health, and food security in our communities, to "Live the Message". But instead, an amazing group of people from across south Florida signed up and chose to take their health and their lives into their own hands.

What is this OASIS program, you ask!?

The OASIS Challenge is a FREE, 10-day health and nutrition program that requires participants to ONLY eat a whole food, plant-based diet. Two (2) meals - lunch & dinner - were provided to participants during the 10-day challenge. Educational material/program elements advise what whole food, plant-based means. Bio-metric testing show immediate results & benefits of the program to individual health.

UGW chose this program as an extreme introduction to achieving a healthier lifestyle. That’s why it was a "challenge"! How much are you willing to challenge your norm.

Congratulations to THE 36!!!

YOU dared to do something different to better YOU!




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