UGW Virtual Panel Discussion Series

 Session 1: Social Distancing & Social Media - Our Economic & Urban Future 

 Session 2: Real Voice - Of Racism in America


Dear Valued Friends and Supporters,

The continued events of the past fews weeks have once again stirred up protest and outrage across America, if not the World. Urban centers are being trashed by looters and "protestors" not really down for the Movement, but there to disrupt and continue the negative rhetoric that America has used to stigmatize the voices and actions of a subjugated people. A people whose males are being killed in the the streets not even like dogs and WE are being desensitized to the atrocities!

What disturbs me is that people can continue to stand around with camera phones taping the LIFE being drained from an Individual and do NOTHING! Why aren't they being prosecuted for standing by and allowing this to happen, when Michael Vick gets 3 years for killing a dog?

We are at a very important time in our history, have been there for a while now. Nature is demanding to hear the voice of the its people. Rather than "black out whatever days" or "black lives matter", let's dedicate ourselves to making real change. Imagine if every one of us man, woman, and child just sat down and wrote or spoke our TRUTH.

Racism is not singular. It has arms and tentacles that reach into all aspects of society until it becomes part of our KARMA, passed on from generation to generation unwillingly and unknowingly. Each of us has a story to tell about our daily interaction with RACISM and these stories must be heard and prioritized if we are to FREE ourselves of the BURDEN of  OPPRESSION that is RACISM.

We are a people of LOVE, from LOVE comes COMPASSION. We have to reestablish these values into our every day behaviors, while eliminating anger, hate, and violence from our lives. Then, we have to work together to change the NARRATIVE that is being written for US.

A NARRATIVE where our great history is being erased and replaced until it is no longer recognized as ours. A NARRATIVE that paints US as savages to be hunted and killed in the streets like wild game. A NARRATIVE of NIGGA that has become part our vernacular, allowing us to continually self denegrate. It may seem like nothing, but imagine 400+ years of being called NIGGER rather than KING or QUEEN until WE don't even recognize ourselves as these things. 

I hope that you have the opportunity to tune into this week's emergency panel discussion titled, "Real Voice". My goal is to add a spark to the fire needed for the release of our souls from this tiresome burden that we have been forced to carry for so long, so that others can live the life we are all by nature meant to live. 


Lift your head Up! Let your VOICE be Heard! The Time Is Now!


Violence has never been the answer for US! 

"The most powerful drug used by mankind are...WORDS." Rudyard Kipling


Roger Horne

Executive Director 

Urban GreenWorks

In response to having to quickly adapt to the current social environment, Urban GreenWorks decided to start a monthly panel discussion e-series, partnering local and national experts, that focus on many of the socia-economic, health, and personal lifestyle changes that we have and will encounter moving forward.

Panelists will look to address the current state of affairs as well as forecast "what to expect moving forward?". We encourage panelist to share their personal experiences and opinions, as well as their professional. The sessions will air Wednesdays on Zoom as well as streamed on FB and Instagram Live, from 4:00pm - 5:30pm (see dates below).

Our first Panel Series, Social Distancing & Social Media: Our Economic & Urban Future, will air on Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 at 4:00pm on Zoom. This will be a three-part discussion: Macro (regional & national perspective), Micro (local),  & Wrap-Up. See links below for panelists bios.

Register for this Panel Session below: 

Part 1: Macro Panelists

          May 13th, 2020

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Part 2: Micro Panelists

            May 27th, 2020

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Part 3: Wrap-Up Panelists: TBA

June 10th, 2020